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ANTON GINDELY (1829-1892), German historian, was the son of a German father and a Slavonic mother, and was born at Prague on the 3rd of September 1829. He studied at Prague and at Olmiitz, and, after travelling extensively in search of historical material, became professor of history at the university of Prague and archivist for Bohemia in 1862. He died at Prague on the 24th of October 1892. Gindely's chief work is his Geschichte des dreissigjahrigen Krieges (Prague, 1869-1880), which has been translated into English (New York, 1884); and his historical work is mainly concerned with the period of the Thirty Years' War. Perhaps the most important of his numerous other works are: Geschichte der bOhmischen Brilder (Prague, 1857-1858); Rudolf II. and seine Zeit (1862-1868), and a criticism of Wallenstein, LValdstein wkhrend seines ersten Generalats (1886). He wrote a history of Bethlen Gabor in Hungarian, and edited the Monumenta historiae Bohemica. Gindely's posthumous work, Geschichte der Gegenreformation in Batmen, was edited by T. Tupetz (1894).

See the Allgemeine deutsche Biographie, Band 49 (Leipzig, 1904).

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