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"CARTER GLASS (1858-), American politician, was born at Lynchburg, Va., Jan. 4 1858. He studied in the schools of his native town; learned the printer's trade, which he followed several years; and became proprietor of the Daily News and the Daily Advance, the morning and evening papers of Lynchburg. He was elected to the Virginia State Senate for two terms (1899-1903) and was a member of the State Constitutional Convention in 1901. He was elected to the national House of Representatives to fill the unexpired term (1902-3) of P. J. Otey, deceased, and was continuously reelected thereafter to serve through 1919. As chairman of the House Banking Committee he was active in framing and passing the Federal Reserve Bank Law. In 1918 he resigned from the House to enter the Cabinet of President Wilson as Secretary of the Treasury, succeeding William G. McAdoo. Under his guidance the fifth Liberty Loan was floated in April 1919. In Nov. 1919 he was appointed by Governor Davis of Virginia to serve in the U.S. Senate for the unexpired term (1919-25) of Thomas S. Martin, deceased, and he resigned as Secretary of the Treasury. He was chairman of the Committee on Resolutions at the National Democratic Convention in 1920.

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