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CLEMENT JOSEPH GARNIER (1813-1881), French economist, was born at Beuil (Alpes maritimes) on the 3rd of October 1813. Coming to Paris he studied at the Ecole de Commerce, of which he eventually became secretary and finally a professor. In 1842 he founded with Gilbert-Urbain Guillaumin (1801-1864) the Societe d'Economie politique, becoming its secretary, a post which he held till his death; and in 1846 he organized the Association pour la Liberte des Echanges. He also helped to establish and edited for many years the Journal des economistes and the Annuaire de l'economie politique. Of the school of laissez faire, he was engaged during his whole life in the advancement of the science of political economy, and in the improvement of French commercial education. In 1873 he became a member of the Institute, and in 1876 a senator for the department in which he was born. He died at Paris on the 25th of September 1881. Of his writings, the following are the more important: Traite d'economie politique (1845), Richard Cobden et la Ligue (1846), Traite des finances (1862), and Principes du population (1857).

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