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GIMP, or Gymp. (I) (Of somewhat doubtful origin, but probably a nasal form of the Fr. guipure, from guiper, to cover or "whip" a cord over with silk), a stiff trimming made of silk or cotton woven around a firm cord, often further ornamented by a metal cord running through it. It is also sometimes covered with bugles, beads or other glistening ornaments. The trimming employed by upholsterers to edge curtains, draperies, the seats of chairs, &c., is also called gimp; and in lace work it is the firmer or coarser thread which outlines the pattern and strengthens the material. (2) A shortened form of gimple (the O.E. wimple), the kerchief worn by a nun around her throat,. sometimes also applied to a nun's stomacher.

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