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GLEIWITZ, a town of Germany, in the Prussian province of Silesia, on the Klodnitz, and the railway between Oppeln and Cracow, 40 m. S.E. of the former town. Pop. (1875) 14,156; (1905) 61,324. It possesses two Protestant and four Roman Catholic churches, a synagogue, a mining school, a convent, a hospital, two orphanages, and barracks. Gleiwitz is the centre of the mining industry of Upper Silesia. Besides the royal foundry, with which are connected machine manufactories and boilerworks, there are other foundries, meal mills and manufactories of wire, gas pipes, cement and paper.

See B. Nietsche, Geschichte der Stadt Gleiwitz (1886); and Seidel, Die konigliche Eisengiesserei zu Gleiwitz (Berlin, 1896).

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