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GLENALMOND, a glen of Perthshire, Scotland, situated to the S.E. of Loch Tay. It comprises the upper two-thirds of the course of the Almond, or a distance of 20 m. For the greater part it follows a direction east by south, but at Newton Bridge it inclines sharply to the south-east for 3 m., and narrows to such a degree that this portion is known as the Small (or Sma') Glen. At the end of this pass the glen expands and runs eastwards as far as the well-known public school of Trinity College, where it may be considered to terminate. The most interesting spot in the glen is that traditionally known as the grave of Ossian. The district east of Buchanty, near which are the remains of a Roman camp, is said to be the Drumtochty of Ian Maclaren's stories. The mountainous region at the head of the glen is dominated by Ben y Hone or Ben Chonzie (3048 ft. high).

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