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PASQUALE GALLUPPI (1770-1846), Italian philosopher, was born on the 2nd of April 1770 at Tropea, in Calabria. He was of good family, and after studying at the university of Naples he entered the public service, and was for many years employed in the office of the administration of finances. At the age of sixty, having become widely known by his writings on philosophy, he was called to the chair of logic and metaphysics in the university of Naples, which he held till his death in November 1846. His most important works are: Lettere filosofiche (1827), in which he traces his philosophical development; Elementi di fclosofia (1832); Saggio filosofcco sulla critica della conoscenza (1819-1832); Sull' analisi e sulla sintesi (1807); Lezioni di logica e di metafisica (1832-1836); Filosofia della volontd (1832-1842, x1.14 a incomplete); Storia della filosofia (i., 1842); Considerazioni filosofiche sull' idealismo trascendentale (1841), a memoir on the system of Fichte.

On his philosophical views see L. Ferri, Essai sur l'histoire de la philosophie en Italie au XIX e siecle, i. (1869); V. Botta in Ueberweg's Hist. of Philosophy, ii. app. 2; G. Barzellotti, "Philosophy in Italy," in Mind, iii. (1878); V. Lastrucci, Pasquale Galluppi. Studio critico (Florence, 1890).

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