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"SIR GEORGE STEGMANN GIBB (1850-), British railway administrator, was born at Aberdeen April 30 1850. He was educated at Aberdeen grammar school and university, and in 1872 entered a solicitor's office as an articled clerk. In 1877 he became assistant in the office of the solicitor to the Great Western Railway, and from 1880 to 1882 practised his profession in London. In 1882 he became solicitor to the North-Eastern Railway, and in 1897 acted as arbitrator for that company on the question of wages before Lord James of Hereford. From 1891 to 1906 he was general manager and from 1906-10 director of the North-Eastern Railway, and in 1906 became managing director of the Underground Electric Railways Co. and chairman of the Metropolitan District Railway. In 1904 he was knighted. He served on the War Office Reorganization Committee in 1901, and the London Traffic Commission in 1903, and from 1910-9 was chairman of the Road Board. In 1915 he was appointed a member of the Committee on Production, and became its chairman in 1918.

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