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ALFRED GUDEMAN (1862-), American classical scholar, was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on the 26th of August 1862. He graduated at Columbia University in 1883 and studied under Hermann Diels at the University of Berlin. From 1890 to 1893 he was reader in classical philology at Johns Hopkins University, from 1893 to 1902 professor in the University of Pennsylvania, and from 1902 to 1904 professor in Cornell University. In 1904 he became a member of the corps of scholars preparing the Wdlfflin Thesaurus linguae Latinae - a unique distinction for an American Latinist, as was the publication of his critical edition, with German commentary, of Tacitus' Agricola in 1902 by the Weidmannsche Buchhandlung of Berlin. He wrote Latin Literature of the Empire (2 vols., Prose and Poetry, 1898-1899), a History of Classical Philology (1902) and Sources of Plutarch's Life of Cicero (1902); and edited Tacitus' Dialogus de oratoribus (text with commentary, 1894 and 1898) and Agricola (1899; with Germania, 5900), and Sallust's Catiline (1903).

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