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"CHARLES JOHN GUTHRIE GUTHRIE, Baron (1849-1920), Scottish lawyer, was born at Edinburgh April 4 1849, the son of the Rev. Thomas Guthrie, editor of the Sunday Magazine. He was educated at Edinburgh Academy and University, and in 1875 was admitted to the Faculty of Advocates. He was from 1881 to 1900 legal adviser to the Church of Scotland, and in 1897 became a Q.C. In 1907 he was appointed a judge of the court of session and created a life peer. Lord Guthrie was a member of the royal commissions on historical monuments in Scotland (1908) and on divorce (1909), and was chairman of the houseletting commission (1906-7). From 1910 to 1919 he was president of the Boys' Brigade of Great Britain and Ireland, and was a member of various antiquarian societies. He had been in youth a friend of Robert Louis Stevenson, and published in 1914 an appreciation of " Cummy," Stevenson's nurse. His other works include John Knox and his House (1898), and an edition of Knox's History of the Reformation in Scotland (1898), 330 besides contributions to the memoir of his father, Thomas Guthrie (1875). He died at Edinburgh April 28 1920.

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