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"COLMAR GOLTZ, BARON VON DER (1843-1916), Prussian general, military writer and organizer of the Turkish army (see 12.227). Gen. von der Goltz was made a field-marshal in 1911 and retired in 1913. In Aug. 1914 he was appointed governorgeneral of Belgium, then occupied by German forces. In Nov. of the same year he was attached to the Turkish headquarters as aide-de-camp-general to the Sultan. In April 1915 he was placed in the chief command of the I. Turkish army in Mesopotamia, and succeeded in investing Gen. Townshend's British forces at Kut-el-Amara on April 19 1916. He died at Bagdad and was said to have been poisoned by the Young Turks. His latest work was Kriegsgeschichte Deutschlands im zpten Jahrhundert (1910 -4, 2 vols.).

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