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FRANCOIS JULES EDMOND GOT (1822-1901), French actor, was born at Lignerolles on the 1st of October 1822, and entered the Conservatoire in 1841, winning the second prize for comedy that year and the first in 1842. After a year of military service he made his debut at the Comedie Frangaise on the 17th of July 1844, as Alexis in Les Heritiers and Mascarelles in Les Precieuses ridicules. He was immediately admitted pensionnaire, and became societaire in 1850. By special permission of the emperor in 1866 he played at the Odeon in Emile Augier's Contagion. His golden jubilee at the Theatre Frangais was celebrated in 1894, and he made his final appearance the year after. Got was a fine representative of the grand style of French acting, and was much admired in England as well as in Paris. He wrote the libretto of the opera Francois Villon (1857) and also of L'Esclave (1874). In 1881 he was decorated with the cross of the Legion of Honour.

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