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GORE. (1) (0. Eng. gor, dung or filth), a word formerly used in the sense of dirt, but now confined to blood that has thickened after being shed. (2) (0. Eng. gdra, probably connected with gare, an old word for "spear"), something of triangular shape, resembling therefore a spear-head. The word is used for a tapering strip of land, in the "common or open field" system of agriculture, where from the shape of the land the acre or half-acre strips could not be portioned out in straight divisions. Similarly "gore" is used in the United States, especially in Maine and Vermont, for a strip of land left out in surveying when divisions are made and boundaries marked. The triangular sections of material used in forming the covering of a balloon or an umbrella are also called "gores," and in dressmaking the term is used for a triangular piece of material inserted in a dress to adjust the difference in widths. To gore, i.e. to stab or pierce with any sharp instrument, but more particularly used of piercing with the horns of a bull, is probably directly connected with gare, a spear.

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