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GRATTIUS [FALISCUS], Roman poet, of the age of Augustus, author of a poem on hunting (Cynegetica), of which 541 hexameters remain. He was possibly a native of Falerii. The only reference to him in any ancient writer is incidental (Ovid, Ex Ponto, iv. 16.33). He describes various kinds of game, methods of hunting, the best breeds of horses and dogs.

There are editions by R. Stern (1832); E. Behrens in Poetae Latini Minores (i., 1879) and G. G. Curcio in Poeti Latini Minori (i.,. 1902), with bibliography; see also H. Schenkl, Zur Kritik des G. (1898). There is a translation by Christopher Wase (1654).

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