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GRONOVIUS (the latinized form of [[Gronov), Johann Friedrich]] (1611-1671), German classical scholar and critic, was born at Hamburg on the 8th of September 1611. Having studied at several universities, he travelled in England, France and Italy. In 1643 he was appointed professor of rhetoric and history at Deventer, and in 1658 to the Greek chair at Leiden, where he died on the 28th of December 1671. (See also Fabretti, Raphael.) Besides editing, with notes, Statius, Plautus, Livy, Tacitus, Aulus Gellius and Seneca's tragedies, Gronovius was the author, amongst numerous other works, of Commentarius de sestertiis (1643) and of an edition of Hugo Grotius' De jure belli et pacis (1660). His Observationes contain a number of brilliant emendations. His son, Jakob Gronovius (1645-1716), is chiefly known as the editor of the Thesaurus antiquitatum Graecarum (1697-1702, in 13 volumes).

See J. E. Sandys, Hist. of Class. Schol. ii. (1908); F. A. Eckstein in Ersch and Gruber's Allgemeine Encyklopddie.

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