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GUARATINGUETA, a city of Brazil in the eastern part of the state of Sao Paulo, 124 m. N.E. of the city of Sao Paulo. Pop. (1890) of the municipality, which includes a large rural district and the villages of Apparecida and Roseira, 30,690. The city, which was founded in 1651, stands on a fertile plain 3 m. from the Parahyba river, and is the commercial centre of one of the oldest agricultural districts of the state. The district produces large quantities of coffee, and some sugar, Indian corn and beans. Cattle and pigs are raised. The city dwellings are for the most part constructed of rough wooden frames covered with mud, called taipa by the natives, and roofed with curved tiles. The Sao Paulo branch of the Brazilian Central railway passes through the city, by which it is connected with Rio de Janeiro on one side and Sao Paulo and Santos on the other.

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