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GUARICO, a large inland state of Venezuela created by the territorial redivision of 1904, bounded by Aragua and Miranda on the N., Bermudez on the E., Bolivar on the S., and Zamora on the W. Pop. (1905 estimate), 78,117. It extends across the northern llanos to the Orinoco and Apure rivers and is devoted almost wholly to pastoral pursuits, exporting cattle, horses and mules, hides and skins, cheese and some other products. The capital is Calabozo, and the other principal towns are Camaguan (pop. 3648) on the Portugueza river, Guayabal (pop. 3146), on a small tributary of the Guarico river, and Zaraza (pop. 14,54 6) on the Unare river, nearly 150 m. S.E. of Caracas.

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