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GWYNIAD, the name given to a fish of the genus Coregonus or White fish (C. clupeoides), inhabiting the large lakes of North Wales and the north of England. At Ullswater it is known by the name of "schelly," at Loch Lomond by that of "powen." It is tolerably abundant in Lake Bala, keeping to the deepest portion of the lake for the greater part of the year, but appearing in shoals near the shores at certain seasons. It is well flavoured, like all the species of Coregonus, but scarcely attains to the weight of a pound. The name gwyniad is a Welsh word, and signifies "shining"; and it is singular that a similar fish in British Columbia, also belonging to the family of Salmonoids, is called by the natives "quinnat," from the silvery lustre of its scales, the word having in their language the same meaning as the Welsh "gwyniad."

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