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"HENRY GOUDY (1848-1921), English jurist, was born in the north of Ireland Sept. 16 1848, the son of the Rev. A. P. Goudy, D.D., of Strabane, co. Tyrone. He was educated at the universities of Glasgow, Edinburgh and Konigsberg, obtaining thus special advantages for the study of Roman law, in which he became a leading authority. He was called to the Scottish bar and published a work on the Scottish law of bankruptcy in 1886. In 1889 he was appointed professor of civil law at Edinburgh University and in 1893 regius professor of civil law at Oxford which chair he occupied until 1919, being also fellow of All Soul's College in right of his professorship. He was joint author of a Manual on Local Government in Scotland (1880), edited Muirhead's Private Law of Rome (1898), translated and annotated Jhering's Jurisprudenz des teiglichen Lebens (1904), and published a short treatise on Trichotomy in Roman Law (1910), as well as a lecture on the Fate of the Roman Law north and south of the Tweed (1894) and various articles for the E.B. He was editor of the Juridical Review from its foundation in 1889 until 1893, and he was one of the founders of the Society of Public Teachers of Law and of the Grotius Society, instituted in 1915 during the World War, for the advancement of international law. He died at Bath March 3 1921.

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