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JOHANN CHRISTOPH FRIEDRICH GUTS-MUTHS (1759-1839), German teacher and the principal founder of the German school system of gymnastics, was born at Quedlinburg on the 9th of August 17 59. He was educated at the gymnasium of his native town and at Halle University; and in 1785 he went to Schnepfenthal, where he taught geography and gymnastics. His method of teaching gymnastics was expounded by him in various handbooks; and it was chiefly through them that gymnastics very soon came to occupy such an important position in the school system of Germany. He also did much to introduce a better method of instruction in geography. He died on the 21st of May 1839.

His principal works are Gymnastik far die Jugend (1793); Spiele zur Ubung and Erholung des KOpers and Geistes far die Jugend (1796); Turnbuch (1817); Handbuch der Geographie (181o); and a number of books constituting a Bibliothek fur Padagogik, Schulwesen, and die gesammte padagogische Literatur Deutschlands. He also contributed to the Vollstandiges Handbuch der neuesten Erdbeschreibung, and along with Jacobi published Deutsches Land and deutsches Volk, the first part, Deutsches Land, being written by him.

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