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MARIE NICOLAS SYLVESTRE GUILLON (1760-1847), French ecclesiastic, was born in Paris on the 1st of January 1760. He was librarian and almoner in the household of the princess de Lamballe, and when in 1792 she was executed, he fled to the provinces, where under the name of Pastel he practised medicine. A man of facile conscience, he afterwards served in turn under Napoleon, the Bourbons and the Orleanists, and became canon of St Denis, bishop of Morocco and dean of the Sorbonne.

Among his many literary works are a Collection des brefs du page' Pie VI (1798), Bibliothbque choisie des pores grecs et latins (1822, 26 vols.) and a French translation of Cyprian with notes (1837, 2' vols.).

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