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"SIR LOMER GOUIN (1861-), Canadian statesman, was born at Grondines, Quebec, in 1861 and was educated at Laval and McGill Universities. He was called to the Canadian bar in 1884, and became Q.C. in 1900, being elected BatonnierGeneral of the Quebec bar in 1910. He was a member of the Quebec Legislature from 1897; and, after holding minor offices, in 1905-20 was Prime Minister and Attorney-General in the province of Quebec. Attempts were made by Sir Robert Borden to get him to join his Coalition Ministry, but these failed, and subsequently Sir Lomer declared his allegiance to the Liberal Opposition. He derived considerable importance from the fact that he was the Quebec representative on the boards of large Canadian financial institutions. He was knighted in 1908, and received the K.C.M.G. in 1913. His first wife (d. 1904) was a daughter of Honore Mercier, a former Premier of Quebec. On the Liberal victory in Dec. 1921 he was included in the new Cabinet of Mr. Mackenzie King.

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