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THEODOR GOMPERZ (1832-), German philosopher and classical scholar, was born at Briinn on the 29th of March 1832. He studied at Briinn and at Vienna under Herman Bonitz. Graduating at Vienna in 1867 he became Privatdozent, and subsequently professor of classical philology (1873). In 1882 he was elected a member of the Academy of Science. He received the degree of Doctor of Philosophy honoris causa from the university of Konigsberg, and Doctor of Literature from the universities of Dublin and Cambridge, and became correspondent for several learned societies. His principal works are: Demosthenes der Staatsmann (1864), Philodemi de ira liber (1864), Traumdeutung and Zauberei (1866), Herkulanische Studien (1865-1866), Beitrage zur Kritik and Erkldrung griech. Schriftsteller (7 vols., 1875-1900), Neue Bruchsti cke Epikurs (1876), Die Bruchstiecke der griech. Tragiker and Cobets neueste kritische Manier (1878), Herodoteische Studien (1883), (1884), Zu Philodems Biichern von der Musik (1885), Ober den Abschluss des herodoteischen Geschichtswerkes (1886), Platonische Aufsdtze (3 vols., 1887-1905), Zu Heraklits Lehre and den Uberresten seines Werkes (1887), Zu Aristoteles' Poetik (2 parts, 1888-1896), Ober die Charaktere Theophrasts (1888), Nachlese zu den Bruchstiicken der griech. Tragiker (1888), Die Apologie der Heilkunst (1890), Philodem and die dsthetischen Schriften der herculanischen Bibliothek (1891), DieSchrift vom Staatswesen der Athener (1891), Die ji ngst entdeckten Oberreste einer den Platonischen Phddon enthaltenden Papyrusrolle (1892), Aus der Hekale des Kallimachos (1893), Essays and Erinnerungen (1905). He supervised a translation of J. S. Mill's complete works (12 vols., Leipzig, 1869-1880), and wrote a life (Vienna, 1889) of Mill. His Griechische Denker: Geschichte der antiken Philosophie (vols. i. and ii., Leipzig, 1893 and 1902) was translated into English by L. Magnus (vol. i., 1901).

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