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YVES GUYOT (1843-), French politician and economist, was born at Dinan on the 6th of September 1843. Educated at Rennes, he took up the profession of journalism, coming to Paris in 1867. He was for a short period editor-in-chief of L'Independant du midi of Nimes, but joined the staff of La Rappel on its foundation, and worked subsequently on other journals. He took an active part in municipal life, and waged a keen campaign against the prefecture of police, for which he suffered six months' imprisonment. He entered the chamber of deputies in 1885 as representative of the first arrondissement of Paris and was rapporteur general of the budget of 1888. He became minister of public works under the premiership of P. E.

Tirard in 1889, retaining his portfolio in the cabinet of C. L. de Freycinet until 1892. Although of strong liberal views, he lost his seat in the election of 1893 owing to his militant attitude against socialism. An uncompromising free-trader, he published La Comedic protectionniste (1905; Eng. trans. The Comedy of Protection); La Science economique (1st ed. 1881; 3rd ed. 1907); La Prostitution (1882); La Tyrannie socialiste (1893), all three translated into English; Les Conflits du travail et leur solution (1903); La Democratic individualiste (1907).

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