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FRIEDRICH HAASE (1827-), German actor, was born on the 1st of November 1827, in Berlin, the son of a valet to King Frederick William IV., who became his godfather. He was educated for the stage under Ludwig Tieck and made his first appearance in 1846 in Weimar, afterwards acting at Prague (1849-1851) and Karlsruhe (1852-1855). From 1860 to 1866 he played in St Petersburg, then was manager of the court theatre in Coburg, and in 1869 (and again in 1882-1883) visited the United States. He was manager of the Stadt Theater in Leipzig from 1870 to 1876, when he removed to Berlin, where he devoted his energies to the foundation and management of the Deutsches Theater. He finally retired from the stage in 1898. Haase's aristocratic appearance and elegant manner fitted him specially to play high comedy parts. His chief roles were those of Rocheferrier in the Partie Piquet; Richelieu; Savigny in Der feiner Diplomat, and der Fiirst in Der geheime Agent. He is the author of Ungeschminkte Briefe and Was ich erlebte 1846-1898 (Berlin, 1898).

See Simon, Friedrich Haase (Berlin, 1898).

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