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IBN HAUKAL, strictly IBN Hauqal, a 10th century Arabian geographer. Nothing is known of his life. His work on geography, written in 977, is only a revision and extension of the Masalik ul-Mamalik of al-Istakhri, who wrote in 951. This itself was a revised edition of the Kitab ul-Ashkal or Suwar ul-Agalim of Abu Zaid ul-Balkhi, who wrote about 921. Ibn Haukal's work was published by M. J. de Goeje (Leiden, 1873). An anonymous epitome of the book was written in 1233.

See M. J. de Goeje, "Die Istahri-Balhi Frage," in the Zeitschrift der deutschen Morgenlandischen Gesellschaft, xxv. 42 sqq.

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