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IBN HISHAM [Abu Mahommed `Abdulmalik ibn Hisham ibn Ayyub ul-Himyari] (d. 834), Arabian biographer, studied in Kufa but lived afterwards in Fostat (old Cairo), where he gained a name as a grammarian and student of language and history. His chief work is his edition of Ibn Ishaq's (q.v.) Life of the Apostle of God, which has been edited by F. Wiistenfeld (Gottingen, 1858-1860). An abridged German translation has been made by G. Weil (Stuttgart, 1864; cf. P. Bronnle, Die Commentatoren des Ibn Ishaq and ihre Scholien, Halle, 1895). Ibn Hisham is said to have written a work explaining the difficult words which occur in poems on the life of the Apostle, and another on the genealogies of the Himyarites and their princes. (G. W. T.)

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