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INDUSTRIA (mod. Monteu da Po), an ancient town of Liguria, 20 m. N.E. of Augusta Taurinorum. Its original name was Bodincomagus, from the Ligurian name of the Padus (mod. Po), Bodincus, i.e. bottomless (Plin. Hist. Nat. iii. 122), and this still appears on inscriptions of the early imperial period. It stood on the right bank of the river, which has now changed its course over 1 m. to the north. It was a flourishing town, with municipal rights, as excavations (which have brought to light the forum, theatre, baths, &c.) have shown, but appears to have been deserted in the 4th century A.D.

See A. Fabietti in Atti della Societa di Archeologia di Torino, iii. 17 seq.; Th. Mommsen in Corp. Inscrip. Lat. v.t(Berlin, 18 77), p. 845; E. Ferrero in Notizie degli Scavi (1903), p. 43.

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