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JAM- (NUR-ED-DIN ` ABD-UR-RAHMAN IBN AHMAD) (1414-1492), Persian poet and mystic, was born at Jam in Khorasan, whence the name by which he is usually known. In his poems he mystically utilizes the connexion of the name with the same word meaning "wine-cup." He was the last great classic poet of Persia, and a pronounced mystic of the Sufic philosophy. His three diwans (1479-1491) contain his lyrical poems and odes; among his prose writings the chief is his Baharistan (" Spring-garden") (1487); and his collection of romantic poems, Haft Aurang (" Seven Thrones"), contains the Salaman wa Absal and his Yusuf wa Zalikha (Joseph and Potiphar's wife).

On Jami's life and works see V. von Rosenzweig, Biographische Notizen fiber Mewlana Abdurrahman Dschami (Vienna, 1840); Gore Ouseley, Biographical Notices of Persian Poets (1846); W. N. Lees, A Biographical Sketch of the Mystic Philosopher and Poet Jami (Calcutta, 1859); E. Beauvois s.v. Djami in Nouvelle Biographie generale; and H. Ethe in Geiger and Kuhn's Grundriss der iranischen Philologie, ii. There are English translations of the Baharistan by E. Rehatsek (Benares, 1887) and Sorabji Fardunji (Bombay, 1899); of Salaman wa Absal by Edward FitzGerald (1856, with a notice of Jami's life); of Yusuf wa Zalikha by R. T. H. Griffith (1882) and A. Rogers (1892); also selections in English by F. Hadland Davis, The Persian Mystics: Jami (1908). (See also PERSIA: Literature.)

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