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JAUHARI (ABU NASR Isma e IL IBN [[Hammad Ul-Jauhari]]) (d. 1002 or iolo), Arabian lexicographer, was born at Farab on the borders of Turkestan. He studied language in Farab and Bagdad, and later among the Arabs of the desert. He then settled in Damghan and afterwards at Nishapur, where he died by a fall from the roof of a house. His great work is the Kitab us-Sandih fil-Lugha, an Arabic dictionary, in which the words are arranged alphabetically according to the last letter of the root. He himself had only partially finished the last recension, but the work was completed by his pupil, Abu Isliaq Ibrahim ibn Salilz ul-Warraq.

An edition was begun by E. Scheidius with a Latin translation, but one part only appeared at Harderwijk (1776). The whole has been published at Tebriz (1854) and at Cairo (1865), and many abridgments and Persian translations have appeared; cf. C. Brockelmann, Geschichte der arabischen Literatur (Weimar, 1898), i. 128 seq.

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