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HECTOR HENRI MALOT (1830-1907), French novelist and man of letters, the son of a notary, was born at La Bouille (Seine Inferieure) on the 10th of May 1830. He studied law at Rouen and Paris, but literature early absorbed his attention. He collaborated in the Biographic generale of Didot, became literary critic of L'Opinion Nationale, and dramatic critic of the Lloyd francais. He is the author of a long series of popular novels dealing with contemporary life, including: a trilogy of domestic novels entitled Victimes d'amour (1859, 1865, 1866); Un Beau frere (1869); Madame Obernin (1870); Le Docteur Claude (1879); Justice (1889). Les Aventures de Romain Kalbris (1869) and Sans famille (1888) are excellent stories for children. A complete edition of Hector Malot's works appeared in 1894-1897. He died at Vincennes in July 1907.

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