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"ALFRED NOYES (1880-), English poet, was born in Staffs., Sept. 16 1880. He was educated at Exeter College, Oxford. His first volume of poems, The Loom of Years, appeared in 1902, and his Collected Poems in 1910. His Forty Singing Seamen (1907) and Drake (1908) were characteristic of his patriotic note as a poet of the sea. During the World War he did work for the English Foreign Office. A volume of lectures given in America, The Sea in English Poetry, was published in 1913, and in 1914 he was elected to a professorship of modern English literature at Princeton University. During the war he published The Wine Press (1914); A Salute from the Fleet (1915); Rada, a play (1915); and a volume of stories, Walking Shadows (1917). In 1920 he issued a new volume of poems, The Elfin Artist.

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