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ARTHUR NIKISCH (1855-), Hungarian conductor, became known as a musical prodigy at an early age, making a public performance as a pianist at eight years old. He studied at the Vienna Conservatoire from 1866 to 1873, and while there he composed a symphony and other works. For a time he was engaged as a violinist, but in 1877 he began as assistant conductor at the Leipzig opera and two years later became chief conductor. His success there, and his reputation as the producer of the more modern types of music as well as of classical masterpieces led to his being appointed conductor of the symphony orchestra at Boston, U.S.A., from 1889 to 1893; and subsequently, after having been director at the Budapest opera, he was made conductor at the Leipzig Gewandhaus. His fame was now widespread, and he made successful visits to London, Paris and other capitals, his ability as a pianoforte accompanist being recognized as no less marked than his brilliance as director of an orchestra.

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