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NAGELSBACH, CARL FRIEDRICH (1806-1859), German classical scholar, was born at Wohrd near Nuremburg on the 28th of March 1806. After studying at Erlangen and Berlin, he accepted in 1827 an appointment at the Nuremberg gymnasium, and was professor of classics at Erlangen from 1842 till his death on the 21st of April 185 9. Nagelsbach is chiefly known for his excellent Lateinische Stilistik (1846; 9 th ed. by Ivan Muller, 1 9 05). Two other important works by him are Die Homerische Theologie (1840; 3rd ed. by G. Autenrieth, 1886) and Die Nachhomerische Theologie (1857).

See J. L. Doederlein, Gedachtnissrede fiir Herrn K. F. Nagelsbach (1859); article by G. Autenrieth in Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie, xxiii. (1886).

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