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CHARLES BOWYER ADDERLEY NORTON, 1ST Baron (1814-1905), English politician, eldest son of Charles Clement Adderley (d. 1818), one of an old Staffordshire family, was born on the 2nd of August 1814, and inherited Hams Hall, Warwickshire and the valuable estates of his great-uncle, Charles Bowyer Adderley, in 1826. He was educated at Christ Church, Oxford, and in 1841 he became one of the members of parliament for Staffordshire, retaining his seat until 1878, when he was created Baron Norton. Adderley's official career began in 1858, when he served as president of the board of health and vice-president of the committee of the council on education in Lord Derby's short ministry. Again under Lord Derby he was under-secretary for the colonies from 1866 to 1868, being in charge of the act which called the Dominion of Canada into being, and from 1874 to 1878 he was president of the board of trade. He died on the 28th of s March 1905. Norton was a strong churchman and especially interested in education and the colonies. In 1842 he married Julia (1820-1887) daughter of Chandos, 1st Lord Leigh, by whom he had several sons. His eldest son Charles Leigh (b. 1846) became 2nd Baron Norton. Another son, James Granville Adderley (b. 1861), vicar of Saltley, Birmingham, became well known as an advocate of Christian socialism.

See W. S. Childe-Pemberton, The Life of Lord Norton (1909).

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