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"HENRY FITZALAN HOWARD NORFOLK, 15TH Duke Of (1847-1917), English statesman (see 1 9.744), died in London Feb. 11 1917. He was succeeded by the son of his second marriage, Bernard Marmaduke Fitzalan Howard (b. 1908).

Lord Edmund Talbot (b. 1855), brother of the 15th duke, became deputy earl marshal during the minority of the 16th duke. He had assumed in 1876 the name and arms of Talbot instead of Howard, and for many years was a prominent member of the Conservative party in the House of Commons, being Chief Whip from 1913 to 1921. In 1921 he was appointed Viceroy of Ireland and created a peer as Viscount Fitzalan; and he then resumed the family name of Howard.

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