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"HENRY GEORGE PERCY NORTHUMBERLAND, 7TH Duke Of (1846-1918), British politician, was born May 2g 1846, and succeeded his father in 1899. He sat in the House of Commons as Conservative member for northern Northumberland from 1868 to 1885. He was treasurer of the Royal Household from 1874 to 1875, and as lord high steward bore the crown of St. Edward at the coronation of King George V. in 1911. The duke was known throughout life as an ardent Conservative and opponent of modern democratic ideas. He died at Alnwick May 14 1918.

His eldest son, Henry Algernon George, Earl Percy, of whose political career much was expected (see 19.788), died prematurely in Paris Dec. 30 1909; and on the 7th duke's death he was succeeded as 8th duke by his fourth but eldest surviving son, Alan Ian, Earl Percy, born April 17 1880. As one of the largest coal-owners in the north of England, he was summoned to appear as a witness before the Sankey Coal Commission (1919), and came much into public notice owing to his prolonged controversy with Mr. Robert Smillie, the leader of the miners, and subsequently to his anti-Communist campaign. He married in 1911 Lady Helen Magdalen Gordon-Lennox, youngest daughter of the Duke of Richmond and Gordon.

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