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JEAN MARIE NAPOLEON Desire NISARD (1806-1888), French author and critic, was born at Chatillon-sur-Seine on the 10th of March 1806. In 1826 he joined the staff of the Journal des Debats, but subsequently transferred his pen to the National. Under the empire he was inspector-general of education (1852) and director of the Ecole normale (1857-1867). His literary reputation was effectually established by his Histoire de la litterature francaise (1844-1861), which secured his election to the Academy (1850). His other works include Etudes d'histoire et de litterature (1859-1864), and Les Quatres grands historiens latins (1875). In all his books he vigorously supported the claims of classicism against romanticism. He died at San Remo on the 27th of March 1888.

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