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"LADY DOROTHY FANNY NEVILL (1826-1913), English writer, was born in London March 1826, the daughter of Horatio Walpole, 3rd Earl of Orford. She married in 1847 Mr. Reginald Henry Nevill (d. 1878), a grandson of the 1st Earl of Abergavenny. She travelled widely, and had a very large circle of acquaintances, including Disraeli, of whom she was a great admirer, Richard Cobden and Joseph Chamberlain. She was noted for her amusing conversation and powers as a hostess, was a member of the first committee of the ladies' branch of the Primrose League, and was the author of various volumes of entertaining reminiscences: Recollections (1906); Leaves from the Notebooks of Lady Dorothy Nevill (1907); Under Five Reigns (1910); My Own Times (1912). She died in London March 24 1913.

Her daughter, Meresia Dorothy Augusta Nevill (1849-1918), was also a devoted and energetic worker for the Primrose League. She was for many years treasurer of the Ladies' Grand Council. She died in London Oct. 26 1918.

See Ralph Nevill, Life and Letters of Lady Dorothy Nevill (1919).

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