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NATANZ, a minor province of Persia, situated in the hilly district between Isfahan and Kashan, and held in fief by the family of the Hissam es Saltaneh (Sultan Murad Mirza, d. 1882). It contains eighty-two villages and hamlets, has a revenue of about £4000, and a population of about 23,000. It is divided into four districts: Barzrud, Natanzrud, Tarkrud and Badrud. Natanz pears are famous throughout the country. The western part of the province is traversed from north to south by the old high-road between Kashan and Isfahan, with the well-known stations of Kuhrud (7140 ft.) and So (7560 ft.). This road was practically abandoned when the Indian government telegraph line, which ran along it, was removed to a road farther east in 1906. The capital of the little province is Natanz, a large village with a population of about 3000, situated 69 m. north of Isfahan, at an elevation of 5670 ft. It has an old mosque, with a minaret 123 ft. in height, built in 1315.

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