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NAUHEIM, or BAD-Nauheim, a watering-place of Germany, in the grand-duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt, situated on the northeast slope of the Taunus Mountains, 24 m. by rail N. of Frankforton-Main on the main line of railway to Cassel. Pop. (1905) 5 0 54. It has three Evangelical, a Roman Catholic and an English church. Its thermal waters (84° to 95° F.), although known for centuries, were, prior to 1835, only employed for the extraction of salt. They now yield about 2000 tons annually. The town has several parks, the largest being the Kurpark, 125 acres in extent, in which are the Kurhaus and the two chief springs. The waters, which are saline, strongly impregnated with carbonic acid, and to a less extent with iron, are principally used for bathing, and are specific in cases of gout and rheumatism, but especially for heart affections. Three smaller springs, situated outside the Kurpark, supply water for drinking. In1899-1900a new spring (saline) was tapped at a depth of 682 ft. Another attraction of the place is the Johannisberg, a hill 773 ft. high, immediately overlooking the town.

Nauheim, which was bestowed by Napoleon upon Marshal Davout, became a town in 1854. From 1815 to 1866 it belonged to the electorate of Hesse-Cassel, but in 1866 it was ceded to the grand-duchy of Hesse-Darmstadt. It was the scene of fighting between the French and the Germans in 1762 and again in 1792.

See Grodel, Bad Nauheim, seine Kurmittel (9th ed., Friedberg, 1903); Credner, Die Kurmittel in Bad Nauheim (Leipzig, 1894) Bode, Bad Nauheim, seine Kurmittel and Erfolge (Wiesbaden, 1889); and Weber, Die Parkand Waldanlagen vom Bad Nauheim (Nauheim, 1906) .

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