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NAWANAGAR, or Jamnagar, a native state of India, in Kathiawar, within the Gujarat division of Bombay, situated. on the south of the Gulf of Cutch. Area, 3791 sq. m. Pop. (1901) 33 6 ,779, showing a decrease of i 1% in the decade due to famine. Estimated revenue, r70,000; tribute, X8000. The chief, whose title is Jam, is a Jareja Rajput of the same clan as the rao of Cutch. Prince Ranjitsinjhi (b. 1872), well known in England as a cricketer, was educated at the Rajkumar College, Rajkot, and Trinity College, Cambridge. He had been adopted by his uncle, the Jam Shri Vibhaji, but the adoption was set aside, with British sanction, in favour of a son by a Mahommedan mother. This son succeeded, but died in 1906 aged twenty-four, and Ranjitsinjhi obtained the throne in March 1907. A branch railway, constructed at the expense of the state, was opened in 1898 from Rajkot to Nawanagar town.

The town of Nawanagar is about 5 m. from the seaport of Bedi. Pop. (1901) 53,844. Founded by Jam Rawal in 1540, it is built of stone, and has manufactures of silk and gold embroidery, and perfumed oils and red powder for ceremonial purposes. Its water is supplied from a reservoir covering 600 acres and an aqueduct 8 m. long.

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