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NEISSE, three rivers of Germany. (1) The Glatzer Neisse rises on the Schneegebirge, at an altitude of 1400 ft., flows north past Glatz, turns east and pierces the Eulengebirge in the Wartha pass, then continues east as far as the town of Neisse, and after that flows north-east until at an altitude of 453 ft. it joins the Oder between Oppeln and Brieg. Owing to its torrential character the greater part of its course is only used for floating down timber. It abounds in fish, and its total length is 121 m. (2) The Lausitzer or Gorlitzer Neisse rises near Reichenberg in Bohemia, on the south side of the Riesengebirge, at an altitude of 1130 ft., flows north past Reichenberg, Gorlitz, Forst and Guben, and enters the Oder above Fiirstenberg at an altitude of 105 ft. Its length is 140 m., of which less than 40 m. are navigable. (3) The Wiitende Neisse is a tributary of the Katzbach.

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