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NENAGH, a market town of Co. Tipperary, Ireland, finely situated in a rich though hilly country near the river Nenagh, 962 m. S.W. from Dublin by the Ballybrophy and Limerick branch of the Great Southern & Western railway. Pop. (1901) 4704. Of the old castle, called Nenagh Round, dating from the time of King John, there still exists the circular donjon or keep. There are no remains of the hospital founded in 1200 for Austin canons, nor of the Franciscan friary, founded in the reign of Henry III. and one of the richest religious houses in Ireland. The town is governed by an urban district council. It was one of the ancient manors of the Butlers, who received for it the grant of a fair from Henry VIII. In 1550 the town and friary were burned by O'Carroll. In 1641 the town was taken by Owen Roe O'Neill, but shortly afterwards it was recaptured by Lord Inchiquin. It surrendered to Ireton in 1651, and was burned by Sarsfield in 1688.

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