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NETZE, a river of Germany, having a small portion of its upper course in Poland. It is a right-bank tributary of the Warthe, and rises in the low-lying lake district, through which the Russo-German frontier runs, to the south of Inowrazlaw. The frontier crosses Lake Goplo, which is not far from the source of the Netze, which on leaving it (in Prussian territory), flows north-west to the Trlonger lake, and continues thereafter in the same general direction, but with wide fluctuations, to Nakel. Here it joins the Bromberg canal, which gives access to the river Brahe and so to the Vistula. The Netze then turns westsouth-west and waters the moorland (much of which, however, has been brought under cultivation) known as the Netzebruch. It joins the Warthe at Zantoch, after a course of 273 m. It is navigable for 130 m. up to the Bromberg canal and thereafter for smaller boats for 40 m. up to Pakosch on the Trlonger lake. Its drainage area is 5400 sq. m. From 1772 to 1807 that part of Poland which was given to Prussia at the first partition was known as the Netze District, as it extended along the Netze. It was almost all given back to Russia at the peace of Tilsit, but was restored to Prussia in 1815 under the treaty of Vienna.

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