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NEU - BRANDENBURG, a town of, Germany, in the grand duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, is situated on a small lake called the Tollense See, 58 m. N.W. of Stettin by rail. Pop. (1905) 11 ,443. It is still partly surrounded with walls, and possesses four interesting old Gothic gates, dating from about 1300. The principal buildings are the Marienkirche, a Gothic building of the 13th century, the Johanniskirche, the town-hall and the grand ducal palace. It possesses a bronze statue of Fritz Reuter (1893); a monument to Bismarck (1895); another commemorating the war of 1870-71 (1895); a small museum of antiquities; and an art collection. On the other side of the lake is the grandducal palace, Belvedere. Iron-founding, machine-making, woolspinning and the making of paper, tobacco and musical instruments are carried on here, and the trade in wool and agricultural products is considerable. The horse fair is also important. Neu-Brandenburg was founded in 1248, and has belonged to Mecklenburg since 1292.

See Boll, Chronik der Vorderstadt Neubrandenburg (1875). _

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