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NEUENAHR, a spa of Germany, in the Prussian Rhine province, situated at the foot of a basalt peak, in the pleasant valley of the Ahr, io m. N.W. of Remagen on the Rhine by the railway to Adenau. Pop. (1905) 33 88. It is well laid out, has an Evangelical and two Roman Catholic churches, and carries on a considerable trade in the red wines of the district. There are five alkaline springs with temperatures from 69° to 102° F., the waters of which are specific in chronic catarrh of the respiratory organs, gout, rheumatism and diabetes. In the immediate vicinity lies the Apollinaris spring.

See Schmitz, Erfahrungen 'fiber Bad Neuenahr (5th ed., Ahrweiler, 1887); and Schwenke, Die Kurmittel des Bades Neuenahr (Halle, 1900).

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