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NEUFCHATEAU, a town of eastern France, in the department of Vosges at the confluence of the Meuse and the Mouzon, 49 m. W.N.W. of Epinal by rail. Pop. (1906) 3924. The churches of St Christopher (13th and .15th centuries) and St Nicholas, the latter combining the Romanesque and Gothic styles and built above a Romanesque crypt, are of interest. A sub-prefecture, a tribunal of first instance and communal colleges are among the public institutions. Neufchateau carries on wool-spinning and the manufacture of embroidery, nails and chains. The town, which is said to occupy the site of the Roman Neomagus, belonged in the middle ages to the dukes of Lorraine, ruins of whose chateau are still to be seen. In 1641 it passed to France.

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