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NEU-STRELITZ, a town of Germany, capital of the grand duchy of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, situated between two small lakes, the Zierker See and the Glambecker See, 60 m. N. of Berlin, on the railway to Stralsund, at the junction of lines to Warnemiinde and Buschhof. Pop. (1905) 11,656. It is built in the form of a star, the eight rays converging on a market-place adorned with a statue of the grand-duke George (d. 1860). The ducal residence is a handsome edifice in a pseudo-classical style, with a library of 75,000 volumes, and collections of coins and antiquities. Other buildings are the churches (two Evangelical and one Roman Catholic), the Carolinum (a large hospital), the town hall, the barracks, the gymnasium and the theatre. Its manufactures are iron-ware, machinery, pottery, beer and mineral waters. Its trade, chiefly in corn, meal and timber, is facilitated by the Zierker See and by a canal connecting the town with the Havel and the Elde.

About 12 m. to the south lies Alt-Strelitz, the former capital of the duchy, a small town the inhabitants of which are employed in the manufacture of tobacco, leather and wax candles. NeuStrelitz was not founded till 1726. In the vicinity is the château of Hohen-Zieritz, where Queen Louise of Prussia died in 1810.

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