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NEUTITSCHEIN (Czech Novy. Jicin), a town of Austria, in Moravia, 75 m. N.E. of Briinn by rail. Pop. (1900) 11,891, chiefly German. It is situated on a spur of the Carpathians, and on the banks of the Titsch, an affluent of the Oder. It is the chief place in the Kuhlandchen, a fertile valley peopled by German settlers, who rear cattle and cultivate flax. At Neutitschein manufactures of woollen cloth, flannel, hats, carriages and tobacco are carried on; and it is also the centre of a brisk trade. The town was founded in 1311. Neutitschein was in 1790 the headquarters of the Austrian field-marshal Loudon, who died here in the same year and is buried in the parish church.

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